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Please apply for dogs "arriving soon" as well!



Due to Covid-19, the application approval process may take up from 4 to 6 weeks to complete.  Please also note that we have no idea when our "Arriving Soon" dogs will be able to come to the U.S.  


Our Turkey Dogs’ arrival in the USA is based on the availability of flight volunteers.  We have lots of wonderful people who will open their hearts to rescue a dog, but we do not have enough flight volunteers to bring our dogs to their new homes. If you would like to help our organization and these innocent animals in desperate need, please spread the word that we are always in need of flight volunteers to accompany our rescues from Istanbul to Dulles or JFK airports. If you or someone you know is already traveling from Istanbul (we do not pay for the tickets of the flight volunteer), there is no additional cost to be a volunteer (we do pay for the dogs' tickets), just a willingness to accompany our dogs on your flight that will bring them to the USA for a new life with a loving family.  


Please bear with us, we are working diligently to bring our Turkey Dogs to the U.S. as swiftly as possible!


We are grateful to have our kind friends who support our mission and follow our rescue efforts - THANK YOU!!


The Kyra’s Rescue Team

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