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Age:  2 years old

Breed: Terrier

Weight: 42 lbs

all of our dogs are up to date on vaccines and have been spayed/neutered

Molly’s nickname “ Mrs. Hilarious” in KR. Besides adorable and beautiful, we find Molly to be very funny in many ways. She is extremely loving, and is always ready for a belly rub with her nonstop tail wagging. Molly is extremely easy going, fully housebroken, quiet and calm. She loves going for a walk, but will let you leave for work without any fuss. She always welcomes you with happiness, her body moving l
like a little worm and she has no bad habits we can report. 
While she can be picky about treats or any other food, she loves her dog food, and she does not believe in the individual bowl system.  She thinks the food in all the other dog bowls are part of an open buffet. So, if you have other dogs in your home, you have to feed her separately. The funny thing is she just walks to anyone’s food bowl, and eats the food without confrontation. No disagreement at all, they share their food with her. 
She is extremely playful with other dogs outside, plays for hours with them very joyfully, but when she is on her bed and is dosing, she gets annoyed when a dog comes nearby. Again, without causing any confrontation she lets other dogs know that she does not want to be bothered and they either ignore her or respect her wishes to be left alone but, it is amazing, that no one takes it personally. Molly loves all the dogs in KR, she wants to make sure everyone is accounted for. It’s as if she counts the dogs to make sure everyone is in the room. Then, very often we see her going to everyone’s bed and giving kisses to them. Molly will be a great companion to anyone who loves her breed, and she will devote herself to her owner who loves her and who will provide the life she deserves.


If you would like to adopt Molly, please fill out our adoption application.

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