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Age: 6 months old

Breed: Italian Spinone Mix

Weight:  22 lbs.


this puppy is up to date on shots but is too young to be spayed


UPDATE: Adoption Pending


Just arrived from Istanbul, Turkey. Precious little Lorelai and her sister, Rory, were rescued just before they were dumped at an overcrowded Turkish shelter.  Their former owner brought them to the shelter in the dark, scary trunk of his car, but luckily one of our Turkish helpers convinced the owner to surrender the puppies to her instead of the shelter.  These little ones would have had little hope of survival had they been sentenced to shelter life.  Happily, these sweet little girls are safe and are ready for their new homes where they'll be loved and cherished by their new forever families.  

Lorelai is the more loving of the two sisters.  She wants to be held and will give you sweet kisses.  She's a well balanced pup!


If you would like to adopt Lorelai, please fill out our adoption application.

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