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Age: 10 months old

Breed: Golden Retriever



all of our dogs are spayed/neutered and up to date on shots

UPDATE: Adoption Pending


Just arrived from Istanbul, Turkey.  Meet our young and handsome boy Spartan. He is just one of the of the dogs who have shared the same destiny, no matter how young our cute he is, he was abandoned. He was found tied up, on his own leash, at the bus stop on a rainy day in the city of Isparta.  He was a puppy, only 5 months old, and he could not understand why his human master no longer wanted him in his life anymore. His "family" just walked away, leaving him all alone. As soon as we saw him, we knew Spartan needed urgent help, unfortunately, he was over 400 miles from Istanbul. We arranged for transport to bring him to Istanbul but when our driver arrived Spartan had already been picked up by a local shelter but this did not stop us. We removed him from shelter and brought him to Istanbul. Because he was from Isparta (Ancient Greek City Sparta) we named him Spartan (which means man from Sparta). After our intake process in Turkey was completed, Spartan traveled to the U.S. He is enjoying his foster family, but he would love to have a forever family and home with a fenced in yard where he can run and play. His foster family describes him as a total sweetheart.

If you would like to adopt Spartan, please fill out our adoption application.

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