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Age:  3 years old

Breed:  Golden Retriever

Weight:  60 lbs.


all of our dogs are spayed/neutered and up to date on shots unless otherwise noted

Ricky is a traditional Golden Retriever who carries all traits of this wonderful breed. He loves people, loves to be petted and loves to snuggle with you. One thing about Ricky is he loves his toys even more than a food. He carries his toys everywhere with him, he sleeps with them, and he greets you with his toys. He would be a great addition to any loving family as long as there  are no other dogs that would compete with him for his toys. 


Handsome Ricky was rescued from a shelter the city of Batman in the eastern part of Turkey.  Ricky and Martin were both prisoners in the shelter and when they were rescued, they were so happy that they looked like they were dancing!  They reminded us of two young boys at a beach club dancing to Ricky Martin music, and that's where their names came from.

If you would like to adopt Ricky, please fill out our adoption application.

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