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Age:  Less than 1 Year old

Breed: English Setter Mix

Weight: 20 lb


all our dogs are spayed/neutered and up to date on shots

UPDATE: Adoption Pending


Less than a year old, sweet PEARL found herself homeless and alone on the streets of Istanbul. With winter arriving, this young beauty desperately needed our help. We asked one of our advocates to immediately bring Pearl to our clinic where she was vetted, and then she found safety and kindness in our boarding facility as she awaited transport to the U.S. Now that she has arrived, her sweet puppy personality has been shining bright, and we’re delighted that she can finally focus on playing instead of simply trying to survive. Pearl is a playful puppy and gets along with other dogs very well. Pearl has worked so hard to make her path to a new life and she is ready to steal the hearts of a very lucky family.


If you're interested in our precious Pearl, please fill out an adoption application.

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