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Kipper in frame

Age: Less than  a year old

Breed: Golden Retriever & Terrier Mix

Weight: 33 lb


all our dogs are spayed/neutered and up to date on shots

Meet Kipper!

If you were ever looking for a dog with movie star looks and rocket science brains, Kipper is your boy.  In fact, we think he may have a PhD!  


Kipper is an adorable middle-sized retriever/terrier mix that is cute beyond description.  Kipper was found wandering the streets of Turkey--  hungry and tired looking for his family.  With his manners and outgoing personality, we think that he had a home at one time.  Since coming to the United States, Kipper has done well in foster care.  He is very smart but also sensitive--  and loves attention.  Kipper is loving and calm. He walks well on a leash, enjoys car rides, and is very good with urban noises.  He also appears to be house trained and is eager to please.  


Kipper is looking for a forever home where he can bond to his family and trust that this home will be his last.   Can you be the forever family that he has been dreaming of?   


If you are interested in adopting Kipper, please fill out our adoption application

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