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"After abandonment, they live in shelters, on the street or subsist in forested areas."

                                                      - Global Atlanta

We are a small group of friends and animal lovers in the Washington, D.C. metro area who volunteer to save homeless dogs from Turkey. We have family and friends in Turkey who contact us to find homes in America for the dogs that have no hopes of finding anyone to adopt them.


Turkish dog shelters are typically no-kill.  On the face of it, this seems like a good thing, however, dogs who are not adopted are subject to 1 of 2 fates: they are either dumped in rural areas, left to fend for themselves against the harsh elements and acts of abuse and cruelty from street vagrants, the small and the young sometimes used as bait for fighting dogs, and to compete with wild dog packs for food and water; if not released, the dogs remain in grossly overcrowded, under resourced shelters receiving minimal care and attention, often with little food or water.


We seek to bring these homeless, hopeless survivors to families in the United States that are willing to open their homes and hearts to these wonderful dogs. We ask potential adopters to complete an application and to give a small fee for each adoption.  We want to ensure that each adopted dog goes to a home that truly wants to make them a part of their family.


Kyra's Legacy Rescue is inspired by other rescue groups that save dogs in Turkey and find loving homes in the US. Two stories about the rescue group Adopt a Golden in Atlanta who save purebred Golden Retrievers from Turkey can be found here and here.


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