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Age:  4 yrs old

Breed: Golden Retriever

all of our dogs are up to date on vaccines and have been spayed/neutered

Harrison is 4 years old, and around 75 lb of love. He is extremely happy to be rescued and very appreciative to being in KR home. He loves playing with other KR friends and is the dude that allows everyone to pull his leg or wrestle with but he never gets upset to anyone. He just loves being part of the game no matter what the game it is. I frequently see him on the ground with his belly open while the  other dogs pull his leg or neck. He is very agreeable with everyone. Sometimes they play tug-of-war or sometimes they all just watch the wildlife. He is very interested in watching ground hogs or rabbits. He loves his toys, fetching a ball or going for a walk. He also loves his food 🙂 
This boy is full of joy and wants to live every second of this life with happiness. He is always so happy and easy-going boy.

If you think Harrison can steal your heart, please visit our website and fill out an application.


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