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Age:  4 years old

Breed: Irish Wolfhound / Terrier Mix


all of our dogs are spayed/neutered and up to date on shots

UPDATE: Adoption Pending


Just arrived from Istanbul, Turkey.  Kyra's Rescue was contacted about an urgent situation concerning a poor mama dog and her litter of puppies.  These innocent babies were in jeopardy of being hit by cars or abused by the locals who are not sympathetic to the numerous homeless dogs who roam their streets.  Thankfully we were able to collect them and all of the puppies (HannahSimon, Emma, Diego, Mia, Gretel, Theo & Andy) have been adopted, so now it's time for sweet scruffy Emmeline to find her forever home

Emmeline is a bit shy, but she's becoming more confident each day.  She's smiling and has even started giving kisses to her foster family!  Emmeline loves playing with other dogs and is surprisingly tall (taller than her Golden foster brother) which is why we believe she may be part Wolfhound.


If you would like to adopt Emmeline, please fill out our adoption application.

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