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Age:  3 years old

Breed: Golden Retriever



all of our dogs are spayed/neutered and up to date on shots

Just arrived from Istanbul, Turkey.  We have very limited information about this sweet boy. He was found in one of the subdivisions of the city of Izmir, Turkey. He was very confused and since he did not know anything about his surroundings, it makes us think that he was dumped in that region but was originally from a different location. When we rescued him, we learned the sad news that Darcy was deaf. Although he had severe chronic ear infections when we found him, we do not know if that was the reason for our sweet boy’s hearing loss. Darcy’s upper and bottom teeth are worn down, but it does not affect his eating, and he eats his kibble just like other dogs. During his vet exam, we also noticed that his right hip had abnormalities due to some trauma. It is possible that this poor boy was hit by car and had head trauma which may have resulted in his hearing loss, but we do not know for certain. Our vet performed a femoral head ostectomy and he is almost fully recuperated.  Darcy recently took a 2 mile walk around DC without any difficulty at all! Darcy is the most incredible soul; he connects with everyone, and everyone he meets remarks about what an amazing boy he is. All he wants is to be loved, and he will love you back twice as much and make you think that you have never known such love. While we know how very special this boy is, we also know that he is not for everyone. We are looking for a very special owner who allow Darcy to be his/her shadow and soul mate, gives Darcy the best life, and loves him unconditionally. Darcy is a very easy-going boy who loves babies, kids, adults, and older folks. He loves to snuggle with you and will put his head on your lap while you are working, or he will lay on your feet just to be close to you. He politely sleeps on his bed near to your bed, but if you were to put him on your bed, he would not refuse. He has been staying with our founder since he arrived, and it wasn’t difficult for her to create a form of sign language with him, because he is so eager to please and doesn’t want to miss any opportunities to receive love or cookies. Darcy’s hearing loss does not negatively affect his life, and our founder believes Darcy is a darn good doggie. In her opinion, having him is a once-in-a-lifetime chance to experience love, appreciation and life. 

If you would like to adopt Darcy, please fill out our adoption application.

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