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Age:  3

Weight: 40 lbs

Breed: Airdale Mix

all our dogs are spayed/neutered and up to date on shots

Do you believe in miracles?  Every once in a very slim while, a dog comes along in rescue work that will make you believe--  and, our Darby is just that kind of dog.  In early January, Darby was dumped out of a car into the frigid winter air in a place where many stray dogs are left to die.  This would be cruel under any conditions but in this case it was even worse because Darby was very malnourished and had a case of severe mange which left her with open sores and without any hair to keep warm.  In fact, she had such a bad infection that she hardly looked like a dog.


In an incredible twist of fate, one of our rescue volunteers happened to witness Darby’s family leave her behind--  and immediately stepped into save her from these deadly conditions.  After being carefully examined by our vet, Darby began a very long road to recovery--  putting on much needed weight and healing her skin back to normal.  Today, Darby is happy, healthy, and truly a testimony to what love and care in rescue can do.


Darby is a 3 years old terrier mix.  She is spayed and weighs approximately 45-50 lbs.  Despite all of the hardship and suffering she endured, Darby has a huge heart and a beautiful spirit.  She can’t wait to find a loving and patient family who will lavish her with all of the kindness she missed out on earlier in life.  Can that be you?   

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