Age:  2 years old

Breed: Golden Retriever

Weight:  69.5 lbs.


all of our dogs are up to date on vaccines and have been spayed/neutered

This happy boy is so excited about life, compelling everyone around him to feel that way too! This is because Royce’s eyes are windows to his soul, and he has a magical way of expressing himself by the way he looks at you.

Royce was in bad shape, with a fully matted coat, when we found him, so we had his soft cream-colored groomed short. If you think he is handsome now, wait until you see his full Golden Retriever looks when his fur grows back long and luscious.

When Royce is not charming on his favorite humans, he loves to run free on the green grass and playing with his toys.

If you are looking for a snuggle-bug with all the Golden Retriever qualities, Royce is the pup for you!


If you would like to adopt Royce, please fill out our adoption application.