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Age:  10 months

Breed: Golden Retriever

Weight:  49 lbs


all of our dogs are up to date on vaccines and have been spayed/neutered

My name is BRAXTON, I’m a petite, 10 months old male Golden Retriever and this is my story! You may remember me from earlier KR post, where my KR angels briefly talked about me last summer. My story started in a beach town called Canakkale near Gallipoli peninsula in western part of Turkey. I was all alone in Canakkale, trying to survive. Because of COVID-19, no one was around so there was no food and no left overs from restaurants to eat. I was tired, hopeless, hungry and my immune system was down. I almost lost hope…Then one day I ran in to a nice lady at the beach. She was so nice, she petted me. It was so obvious that I did not have food for days, I was so hungry… she ran to the convenient store near to the beach and came with hot dogs because that is all she could find. Then couple days later more nice people approached me to take me somewhere I could be safe. When KR rescue took me to their facility, I was so happy, I could not stop smiling and wagging my tail. I mean my life changed. They had lots of food, and many other dogs around to play with and everyone seemed happy. I knew I would get food and water without worrying anymore. They took me to the vet and checked my blood and gave me all the vaccines and sent me back to the KR facility. Life was good. Then one day that nice guy showed up at the door again and took me to a big washing area. I was washed from ear to tail then dried me out and next day I found myself at the airport. I will tell you that the airport was huge. We walked and walked. It was such a fun. I wagged my tail for everyone, and they loved me. Then I was put in a cargo space of the plane and I had to sit with all my brothers and sisters there for 12 hrs when we heard from captain we were in land of free! That is my story and now I am in U.S. staying at my foster home and loving life. I’m fascinated by toys, but will need to learn to share them. My foster mom thinks I am adorable. I love life, toys, and just want to be near you. I am small enough to be a lap dog and enjoy snuggling. I’ll follow you from room to room and settle down at your feet no matter where you are. I just LOVE to play with toys and gnaw on bones and can entertain myself going from one toy to another, often pouncing on them like a cat! I get along with everyone, even with my foster brother, who is a much larger Golden. That does not stop me from wanting to wrestle with him. My foster mom says when l wag my tail with excitement, my whole body wiggles. What can I say? I am a happy guy! I am house broken, and I walk well on a leash. I am looking for an active family to give me the attention, love and exercise that will suit me the best. If it that sounds like you, then fill out an adoption application for me! Thank you. 

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