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Age:  1 year old

Breed: Golden Retriever 


all of our dogs are spayed/neutered and up to date on shots

UPDATE: Adoption Pending


Just arrived from Istanbul, Turkey.  You may remember sweet, young Emilia from a Facebook post we did a few months ago. We found this innocent soul wandering alone with horrible injuries. Her pictures were difficult to see and they told the story of an abandoned, 11 month old golden girl in great pain who was simply forgotten and ignored. We took her into Kyra's Rescue and immediately sent her to our clinic for veterinary care. Unfortunately we could not save her eye as it was too badly damaged. But, as you can see, Emilia has healed! She was injured, terribly so, but she was never broken.  Now it's time for her to begin her next chapter, a wonderful new life. This golden girl, so young, has already endured and overcome so much and we're looking for a wonderful family who will invite this sweet survivor into their home where she will be loved, protected and cherished all the days of her life.

If you would like to adopt Emilia, please fill out our adoption application.

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