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Balim 4
Balim 3
Balim 2
Balim 1
Akbash Dogs

Age:  10 Months old

Breed: Akbash

Weight: 55 lb


all our dogs are spayed/neutered and up to date on shots

Balim, which means “honey” in Turkish, is part of the trio which also includes Milo and Kerem, all of whom were abandoned in a city called Erzurum, an area of Turkey where winters are harsh and people are cruel to dogs. Balim and her 2 friends rescued, and transport to Istanbul where they received veterinary care at our clinic and safe shelter at our boarding facility. Balim is appropriately named as she is so sweet! She’s a beautiful and we believe is a Turkish breed called “Akbash” known for being calm, affectionate, alert, courageous, independent, intelligent, and loyal (the last photo in this post is an example of an Akbash dog). Sweet Balim is under a year old, and weighs approximately 55 lbs. Balim has been waiting her whole life to be loved, and she’s ready to soak up all of the love her family-to-be has to offer. If you’re interested in adopting Balum, please fill out an adoption application.

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